Texting Etiquette - Remember The Feelings Of Other People

Texting etiquette is a need that is growing and growing. Text messaging has become more popular and it continues to grow in popularity. With that growth, a new area of etiquette has emerged and that is texting manners. 

We want you be able to use this great technology without offending others. Contrary to what people believe, you can text and do it without offending others. It is as simple as using the golden rule, treat others how you would like to be treated.

I am sure that you have been with someone and that person was so busy texting other people, you felt like you were being ignored. Or, even worse, like you did not even exist. These tips on texting etiquette will help ensure that you do not make other people feel the same way. 

Etiquette for Texting

Texting Etiquette - Texting and Driving1. Do not drive and text - Okay...this one really does not have a whole lot to do with manners or etiquette. It really has to do with safety. So, for the safely of other drivers, do not drive and text. This picture to the right is the result of what happens when people drive and text. You get the idea...

2. Texting in front of people is considered rude - When you are with someone and you are texting, it is just as rude as if you were to take a phone call and talk in front of them. Since we want to use our manners to positively influence others, you should avoid texting in front of them. 

3. Avoid slang as much as possible - There is no reason to make the person receiving your text to spend an hour deciphering what it means. The more you use slang and abbreviations, the more difficult it will be to communicate with people. 

4. Other people have lives too - Not everyone will be able to respond immediately. There are times that people will be away from their phone or not in a position to send a response. If you need something immediately, texting may not be your best option. 

5. Watch your tone - As with any kind of written communication, the person receiving the message could misinterpret the tone of the message. Be careful what you are saying in a text and how you say it. 

6. Keep personal things out of texting - This is not only proper texting etiquette but it is just good etiquette. If you have something personal to share (breaking up with someone, or a personal situation) save that for a conversation. A text message to break up with someone is just rude and disrespectful. At least have the decency to do it in a conversation. 

Hopefully, these tips on texting etiquette will help you maximize this technology without offending others at the same time.

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