To Attend A Wedding Or Not?

To Attend A Wedding Or Not?

My ex and I were married 25 years with two kids. We will be divorced one year and we have both been invited to a niece's wedding. Our children too are attending. The problem is that the niece is my ex-husband's side of the family though I remain in contact with them too. He will be attending with his fiancee and even though I am invited, I am wondering if I belong there?

Aug 17, 2011
Attending A Wedding On The Ex's Side Of The Family
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Divorce is a difficult thing. Not only is it difficult to go through during the proceedings themselves, but there are times (like your situation) that divorce continues to complicate life.

Even though the niece that is being married is part of your ex-husband's side of the family, you were part of that family for 25 years. After that amount of time, you have created relationships with them and are part of them too.

The fact that you were invited to the wedding lets you know that you belong there. If the niece did not think enough of you to invite you, she wouldn't have done so.

Even though it may be uncomfortable for you to see the ex-husband with his new fiancee, you have to base your decision to attend or not on the relationship that you have with that niece.

If you think highly of her and want to share in that moment with her, you should attend for her sake. If you do not have much of a relationship with her, then it would be easier to avoid the festivities since it was not your side of the family.

Since she has invited you to the wedding, you really have to do what is right based on that relationship. All other factors are really irrelevant except for that.

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