Too much talking and acting tough

Too much talking and acting tough

Very annoying when guys stand around talking constantly and getting in the way. 98 percent of the time talking then when they finally do a set it is way too heavy and their form is horrendous. Then they got to walk to water fountain every minute and walk all stiff and swelled up. They walk like they are musclebound with arms sticking way out. They like to look all mean in the face and all swelled up. Fact is I think they are puny. They remind me of a sick chicken. Sick chickens puff their feathers up and stand around with ruffled feathers and their heads halfway buried in their chest. But when you pick up a sick chicken it is light and meatless. It is annoying that these guys cannot walk just normal. Looks so phony when a little guy walks all swelled up. Also people that yell and grunt on every rep are annoying. Also annoying when they talk constantly about a creatine cycle they are on. But when you talk constantly and use horrible form the creatine will do you no good anyway. Kind of like putting miracle grow on a garden in the wintertime. Garden will not grow in the winter anyway so why bother. The way these goof offs work out is like trying to grow a garden in the winter. Crop will not grow no matter what just like their muscles are not growing. These arrogant guys have no muscles and for some reason they think they are king kong. Just cause they hang out 3 hours a day at the gym making noise does not mean they have muscles. They are all just annoying clowns.

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