Wedding Dance Etiquette

Wedding dance etiquette is very useful during a wedding reception. It is good to know when to dance and who dances with who. Dancing is a fantastic element of every wedding, so acting with style and grace will make it all the better.

My husband and I attended the wedding of a good friend of ours not too long ago. The center of their reception was the dance floor. It was a vibrant, wonderful element of their wedding. What made it so special was that they had made sure everyone would want to dance...young and old.

So how do you use good wedding dance etiquette? Here are some wonderful tips to help you feel at ease and ready to cut a rug.

wedding dance etquetteThe Traditional First Dance

The bride and groom are celebrated in the first dance of the evening. Traditionally they take the floor, dancing to their song. It is a dance that they share exclusively with each other, no one else is on the floor. This dance is a beautiful time for them to share a quiet moment to be with just each other.
At some point during the song or right after, the father of the bride will take her for a special dance. At this point the groom will have the honor of dancing with his mother. Dancing with my father was one of the highlights of my wedding. We both shed a few tears and laughed at the silly things we have shared.

The Money Dance

In some regions, a money dance is held with the bride and groom. A money dance is when the guests pay a dollar to dance with the bride or the groom. Good wedding dance etiquette is shown when the money is placed in a special bag the bride carries or on a sash pinned to the bride or groom. It is a fun way for the guests to share some time with the couple. It is not a required dance for the guests to be involved in.

The Longest Lasting Dance

This dance is a wonderful way to honor those couples who have celebrated many anniversaries together. Everyone is invited to the dance floor and as the song progresses, couples drop off until the last ones on the dance floor are those who have been married the longest. It is a wonderful way to show family members and friends the love and honor they have earned.


A couple will show good wedding etiquette when they choose their play lists with all of their guests in mind. It is easy to have a good mixture of music that will appeal to all age groups and encourage them to dance. The wedding we attended had this type of mixture. It was so wonderful to see all of the experienced couples share a sweet dance to the traditional slower songs. At the same time, it was fun to dance with the younger crowds to the faster beats. The energy the younger crowd brings is wonderful and very contagious.

Dance Etiquette

Showing good wedding dance etiquette doesn't mean that you are well versed and trained in the ballroom dancing arts. It doesn't mean that you are an experienced dancer at all. What it does mean is that you enjoy yourself while respecting those around you. Allowing the couple to share their special dance and dances with those who are close to them is a good example.

Also, a wedding dance is not the time to break out your latest routine and show everyone how good of a dancer you are by taking command of the floor (this is not proper wedding dance etiquette). It is a time to let your hair down and have fun. Dancing in a large group is a wonderful time to let yourself move and create fantastic memories.

Our friend's wedding was the best example of good wedding dance etiquette. They were on the dance floor most of the evening involving everyone in their fun. It was a night to remember for all of us involved.

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