Wedding Gift Question

Wedding Gift Question

by Debbie
(Fernandina Beach, FL)

How much money would you give the bride and groom if you are not attending the wedding?

Aug 02, 2011
Wedding Gift Etiquette
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thanks for the question.

The amount that you give for a wedding gift really depends on several things.

First and foremost, it depends on your budget. I have never understood people that give more of a gift than they can afford just to have "good manners." The important thing here is to realize that you are remembering them and showing your love and good wishes for them.

The second thing to keep in mind is that it varies by relationship. The closer relationship that they have with the people being married, usually the more they will tend to give. You may find that you give a larger gift to a close friend or family member than you would a co-worker or something of that nature.

The other thing that influences how much you give depends on where you live. Those that live on the East coast tend to give a larger amount than those on the West coast. Why is this? I don't know other than it is just an observation.

Do what feels right and that is always the best advice.

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