Wedding Invitation Addressing Etiquette

~Sending Them The Right Way~

Wedding invitation addressing etiquette is a guide for you when you are getting ready to send out your invitations. Depending on the size of your guest list, you will want to give yourself a good head start addressing them.

Good wedding etiquette has you sending out your invitations 8 weeks prior to the wedding. If this is the case, it is a good idea to have your invitations printed and ready to address at least three months before the big day.

wedding invitation addressesWedding invitation etiquette states that each envelope is addressed by hand. Although printed labels would be much easier, you will show good envelope etiquette by taking the opportunity to wear your hand out. A fabulous idea in this arena is to have an invitation addressing and assembling party with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is a great way to put them to work.

Wedding invitations are usually sent in two envelopes. The outer envelope is addressed formally to the guests, while the inner envelope will include other guests from the same address. Good wedding invitation addressing etiquette is shown when you use formal titles on your outer envelope.

Gone are the days of Mr. & Mrs. Johnson addressing. It is so important for you to recognize each person with their proper titles. The following is a list of examples of how to address the outer envelope and what to include on the inner envelope.

                            Outer Envelope      Inner Envelope   


Married Couple*              Mr. and Mrs. Kaleb Martin    Mr. & Mrs. Kaleb Martin
Married Couple (wife kept
her maiden name)                   Mrs. Stacie Adams                Mrs. Adams
                                                  Mr. Ryan Blackhurst              Mr. Blackhusrt
Unmarried Couple (send
it to your closest friend)         Mr. Spencer Stevens              Mr. Spencer Stevens and
                                                                                                  Ms. Jennifer Lewis
*Children                       Children under 18 are not      List the children by age-
                                                listed on the outer envelope   oldest to youngest

Single Guests

Unmarried Woman           Miss (Ms.) Amy White             Miss (Ms.) Amy White and                                                                                                   Guest
Divorced Woman (who
uses her married name)         Mrs. Sylvia Peters                    Mrs. Sylvia Peters and                                                                                                            Guest          
Unmarried or Divorced
Mr. Robert Holmes                   Mr. Robert Holmes and                                                                                                         Guest

Special Titles

Judge                (single)   The Honorable Fred Keller        Judge Fred Keller
                               (married)The Honorable and Mrs.           Judge and Mrs. Keller
                                                Fred Keller 

Medical Doctor  (single)   Doctor Brad Randall                    Doctor Brad Randall and                                                                                                      Guest
                               (married) Doctor and Mrs. Brad Randall   Doctor and Mrs. Brad                                                                                                              Randall

Married Woman              
Doctor Alyssa Larsen                   Doctor and Mr. Larsen
Mr. Brian Larsen

Married Doctors (both)  
Doctors Ian and Sophia                The Doctors Metcalf

Doctor (Ph.D.)    (single)   Dr. Gerald Basford                        Dr. Gerald Basford and                                                                                                        Guest   
(married) Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Basford       Dr. and Mrs. Basford

The Reverend Paul Stone              The Reverend Stone

Male Officer                    General and Mrs. Oliver Pays       General and Mrs. Pays

Female Officer                Captain Sheila Forte                   Captain and Mr. Forte 
                                                Mr. James Forte     

Taking the time to address your invitations will give you the opportunity to think about whom you are inviting and why they are so special to you. They will be honored that you included them in your special day (and hopefully they will use their good wedding rsvp etiquette).

Good wedding invitation addressing etiquette will take some time and effort, but it will be well worth it to you and your guests.

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