Wedding Invitation Response Etiquette

Wedding invitation response etiquette is a modern addition to manners and etiquette involved in a wedding. Back in the day when a wedding invitation was sent, the guest rsvp etiquette was simply sending a quick note back on personal stationary.

Today the stationary response is generally not the option. With the invention of phones, cell phones, email and text, responding to an invitation has taken on anwedding rsvp etiquette10 entire different meaning. Fortunately with wedding invitations come RSVP cards for the guest to respond.

As the bride and groom put together their guest list, they are hoping that those who are special to them will be able to attend their wedding. Including an RSVP card is an ideal way for them to know who and how many are coming. 

Wedding rsvp etiquette is very simple when it comes to the wording on the cards. The simpler the card is, the easier it will be for the guest to respond quickly. It is good wedding invitation response etiquette for the bride and groom to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope for the guest to return the RSVP card.

RSVP Card Wording Ideas

M _____________________________
will _______ attend

Name _____________________________
Number of Guests ______

The favor of your reply is requested
by May 20, 2010.
M ____________________________
_____ Accepts with pleasure
_____ Declines with regrets

We look forward to
celebrating your wedding
with you.
M _____________________________
____ accepts ____ regrets

We have reserved two seats in your honor.
Please respond by May 20, 2010
M _____________________________
{ } Accepts with pleasure
{ } Declines with regrets.

M _____________________________
____ is looking forward to celebrating with you
____ regretfully will not be able to

Guest RSVP Etiquette

When you are invited to share in a wedding celebration, follow the golden rule of rsvp'ing: respond quickly even if you will not be able to attend. It is as simple as that. In most cases the wedding invitation will include a self-addressed, stamped envelop. This makes it so easy for you to sign your name, indicated if you will or will not be attending and send the RSVP card back.

The bride and groom are counting on the RSVP's to know how many are coming. This will help them know how many to plan for with food and seating. This is a sure fire way to get them excited for who is coming.

If, after you have sent your RSVP card back, and your plans change, quickly call the bride or groom to let them know of this change. This is good rsvp etiquette.

Also, take note of the way the invitation is addressed. Whom the invitation is addressed to is who is invited to the wedding. It is bad wedding invitation response etiquette to include more than was listed on the invitation, including children. If you are unsure, it is acceptable to contact the bride and groom to make sure.

A wedding is a wonderful time to celebrate the union of a happy bride and groom. Taking the time to follow wedding invitation response etiquette will show them how much you care and are honored to have been invited.

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