Wedding Party Etiquette

~Keeping The Line Classy~

Wedding Party Etiquette will help your wedding party know what to do so that you have a fun, memorable and classy wedding day. 

When the bride and groom select their wedding party, they often choose their closest friends and family members. It is an honor to be chosen as one who will accompany the happy couple through their engagement and wedding.  Showing proper wedding party etiquette is vital when showing them how honored you are to be a part of it all.                                                                                                          wedding party

The members of the wedding party have different duties they get to fulfill throughout the planning and execution of the wedding. Each person plays their role while being there for the bride and groom. It is a fun and stressful time, so your friendship and listening ear will be very important in keeping the sanity.

The Maid of Honor

This is one of the bride's closest friends. She is in charge of helping the bride stay sane and happy, therefore communication between the two is key. As the maid of honor, she will be responsible for organizing and hosting a bridal shower. On the wedding day she will be there to help the bride get ready to walk down the aisle and hold her bouquet during the exchanging of vows. Her dress, which she pays for, matches or coordinates with the other bridesmaids.

The Bridesmaids

These are close friends or family members of the bride or groom. They are the go-to girls when the bride needs to get things done during the days of preparation. The bridesmaids attend to showers and other pre-wedding parties. Their dresses, which they pay for, match or coordinate with the dress of the maid of honor.

The Flower Girl

This is the little sweetheart of the wedding party. Her wedding party etiquette involves looking very cute in her dress, holding a basket of flowers and walking down the aisle in front of the bride and bridal party. She will be involved in the pictures. She has the option of standing with the bridal party during the ceremony, or she can sit with her family.

The Best Man

He is the groom's best friend. This is the guy that will be the right-hand man throughout the entire process. He takes care of the bachelor party. Best man wedding etiquette states that he will hold the ring for the groom until the time he slips it onto the finger of his bride. He also gets to toast the happy couple at the wedding reception. His tuxedo, will offset that of the groom and match the ushers. He is generally responsible for the fees involved.

The Ushers or Groomsmen

These are good friends or family of the groom and bride. In ancient times the groomsmen were actually bodyguards who ensured that the groom made it to his bride safely. Modernly, they are the guys that help the groom make it to his bride sanely. At the wedding they are the ones that will seat the guests. Wedding party etiquette states that there is one usher for every 50 wedding guests. They too are responsible for the fees involved with the tuxedo rental. 

The Ring Bearer

This little guy has a very important job. Looking as handsome as can be, he carries the ring, tied to a pillow, down the aisle. He also gets to be involved with the pictures. It is also etiquette friendly for him to sit with his family or remain with the wedding party during the ceremony.

Good wedding party etiquette will have each member greet the guests during the reception. Some weddings have formal receiving lines with the entire party involved. Other weddings include the bride, groom and their parents. In either case, the bridesmaids and groomsmen need to make the guests feel welcome. 

Ladies and gentlemen of the wedding party, please keep it classy. Do not over indulge in the food or the drink of the evening. There has never been a bride that was excited to see her wedding party drunk and making fools of themselves. The wedding day is supposed to be fun and classy, which is accomplished by using proper wedding etiquette.

The honor of being a part of the wedding is fabulous! It is a celebration of the closeness and friendship you enjoy with the bride and groom. Make their day one to remember by following wedding party etiquette.

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