Wedding Ring Etiquette

~Reflect The Love You Share~

In today's society, wedding ring etiquette is a lot simpler than before. With so many new traditions and styles, the bride and groom have more choices as to the color, style and the giving of rings to each other.

Wedding Ring EtiquetteIt all begins with the groom-to-be popping the big question.  He has a couple of options. He can decide to surprise her with an engagement ring that he has chosen, or he can take his bride-to-be with him to choose together. Grooms, a word of advice, every girl has a ring style in mind. She has probably been designing it ever since she was in high school, or even earlier. If you do choose to surprise her, try to get the best idea of what she wants as slyly as you can.  Dropping hints, looking at her jewelry tastes and asking questions will help you get this information. You will have her totally swooning over the ring you choose, because you paid attention.

After you are engaged, brides you get to choose the ring for your groom. It is a good idea to have the metal and stone type match what he has chosen for you. However, the ring that I chose for my husband reflects his personality rather than matching the band that he gave me. We are very happy with our rings, because they are unique to us as individuals.

Did You Know?

The custom of wearing the wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand started when it was believed that a vein of blood ran directly from this finger to the heart. 

Tradition has held that the wedding ring stone has been diamonds, because of their durability and eye catching qualities. However, tradition has changed and there are so many more options available to you as far as stone type and color. Also, there are more types of metals to choose from. Platinum has become very popular for its durability, however white gold, rose gold and yellow gold are very good choices as well. Wedding ring etiquette really allows you to create a ring that will be one that has the lasting, original qualities that reflect your love.

Who pays for what? Now this is where tradition has held on. It is good wedding ring manners for the groom to pay for the bride's set and the bride to pay for the groom's ring. Pretty simple.

Now we get to the big day... What do you do with your engagement ring? Wedding ring etiquette dictates that before the ceremony the bride will remove the engagement ring from her left hand and place it on the right. After the wedding ring has been placed on her left finger by the groom, she has the choice to place the engagement ring on the left hand with her wedding ring, wear it on the right hand, or choose to keep it for special occasions.  It is pretty normal to have a wedding set designed in a way that the engagement ring and wedding ring stack together, which makes this very simple.

What if the bride decides to wear gloves? Showing proper wedding ring etiquette, the bride will remove her gloves and hand them to her maid-of-honor prior to exchanging the wedding rings.  She also has the option to purchase gloves that have a slit in the ring finger, so that the ring will go onto the finger and show through the glove as well.

As with everything etiquette with the wedding, it is most important for the bride and groom to make the decisions that will make them happy. Wedding rings are a symbol of the beauty of your relationship and should be a reflection of the love you share.

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