What do I bring if my family is invited for lunch on Sunday?

What do I bring if my family is invited for lunch on Sunday?

by Therese
(Nova Scotia)

My son is friends with their son and they are inviting us to meet us, we have met them unofficially when dropping off our son and when they pick up their son. He is a chef from France and she is from England.

Lunch Gift
by: Wendy (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thank you for your question!

It is wonderful that the family has invited you over to get to know you better. Lunch is a wonderful time to do this, as it is not so formal and the atmosphere is easier to converse in.

A small and simple gift is appropriate for this type of luncheon. It is always difficult to know what to take to someone whom you have not formed a relationship with.

A few ideas are:
~a small bouquet of flowers...it is simple and happy
~a basket of breads and cheeses...if he is from France, this is something they love
~a houseplant...these are simple and long lasting
~if you cook, bake some cookies or something that you are known for
~candles are known for their scents and simplicity

Your hosts will appreciate a simple gift from you, as you appreciate the time they have taken to get to know you.

Hopefully this has helped and you will have an enjoyable luncheon

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