What is appropriate wedding attire for my ex-husbands wedding?

What is appropriate wedding attire for my ex-husbands wedding?

by Isa

I am going to my ex-husbands wedding with my husband and two children(one of which we share joint custody). We get along as any blending family can; good though not best friends. We respect each other. I always dress with v-line. I use what my "momma" gave me as they say. But all of a sudden I feel insecure about showing leg or cleavage. Should I really care about this or dress as I usually do? Do I buy a new dress?

Aug 08, 2011
Wedding Attire for Ex-husband's Wedding
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thank you for your question.

I think it is important for you to know that I am very conservative in nature. As a result, the advice I will give you will also be very conservative.

Obviously, I am going to suggest that you dress conservatively in nature. Not only would this be my normal recommendation, but I strongly recommend it in your case for the following reasons:

1. First of all, you mentioned in your question that you were feeling like you might need to change your attire. I would suggest following your feelings. There is nothing worse than going to an event and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and wondering if you should have done things differently.

2. This has very little to do with your ex-husband and more to do with everyone else. You really do not want to give off the wrong impression. Here is what I mean:

When I see woman that are provocatively dressed, I tend to stay away from them. If my wife were standing right next to me, I would feel uncomfortable even talking to them because of how they are dressed. Even though it is unfair, I make a judgment about them dressing like that to overcompensate for a shortage in their personality or intellect.

Regardless, that kind of dress repels me because I do not want that kind of influence in my life. I am a man and think that way, so I can only imagine what other women think when they see that.

The bottom line is that you do not want people to view you like that. You can be stunningly beautiful and sophisticated without showing what "your momma gave you." Save that for that special someone in your life.

Hope that helps!

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