What is proper ettiquette for when and where to wear a hood?

What is proper ettiquette for when and where to wear a hood?

by Rischele

My 15 year old son doesn't believe that it matters if he wears the hood to his hoodie indoors or in social settings. He thinks it is just me who thinks it is inappropriate. Any help?


Mom of a Unibomber look alike.

Feb 24, 2011
Dear Unibomber Mom...
by: Kevin (Modern Manners Admin)

Actually, you are correct. It is considered impolite to wear a hood indoors. Social etiquette says that it is as if they are trying to hide something.

Now, is that going to help prevent them from wearing a hood? Probably not. There needs to be an understanding with your son that manners and etiquette is a sign of maturity and development.

In our society, many teenagers believe that they can "do what they want" and that "it doesn't matter." The truth is that EVERY choice has a consequence (good or bad). The question that needs to be asked is how this choice affects others and how they react to their choice. Then there will be an opportunity to talk about it.

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