What is the proper order of introducing professionals at a business reception?

What is the proper order of introducing professionals at a business reception?

I had always heard the proper way of introducing professionals to one another is through the order of hierarchy. So, I would introduce my boss (the most senior person) first, then continue according to seniority.

Also, is there a special consideration introducing women in the group before men?

May 05, 2011
Business Reception Etiquette for Introductions
by: Kevin (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

During a business reception, the proper etiquette is to introduce people in the order of their importance based on their position.

Out of respect, you would begin the introductions with those that are part of the executive team (CEO, CFO, etc.) and move down through the organization as appropriate.

If there are people that have similar levels of responsibility, it is always best to present those people in alphabetical order by their last name. This way, there is a structure to it and you will not offend people because they know how you have structured the introductions.

When you are doing introductions in any business setting, you would always start the introduction with the person that is the most important. As an example:

Let's say that you were meeting with a client and the president of the company came in and the president's last name was Smith. You would say, "Mr. Smith, let me introduce you to my client Ms. Client." So you should always begin with the most important person. Hope that helps!

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