White Gloves and Party Manners

White Gloves and Party Manners is a great book for anyone that is looking for a simple way to teach simple principles of manners and etiquette. 

One of the best ways to describe this book and what it does would be to talk about the need for it. 

In just about all cases and all areas, manners and etiquette are eroding in society. We see proof of it all the time. There are more and more people that are self-centered instead of caring about other people. Brashness is something that seems to be applauded as if it is fashionable to be impolite. 

White Gloves and Party MannersEven on a small scale, there are signs of it that bother me. It bothers me to see men that do not open doors for women. I think it is sad that women open their own doors and have come to expect that no one will do it for them. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are capable of doing it themselves. It has everything to do with the idea that someone cares enough for them to do it. That is really the heart and essence of manners and etiquette. It is the small things you do to show others that you care. 

So, how do you teach manners and etiquette to people in a society where it is common to not have them? It starts at an early age and it starts with the basic, simple principles

I once took a youth group to a manners and etiquette course many years ago. The instructor was teaching the young men and women how to act on a date and what is proper behavior. One thing she said really stuck with me. She told the young women to stand at the car door and wait. Even if the young man forgot to open the door, just standing there and saying nothing would serve as a reminder. 

I would add to this concept and say that if a young man (or even an older one) is not willing to do that for you, then he is not good enough for you. You deserve better and should be treated better. 

What does all of this have to do with White Gloves and Party Manners? The simple answer is....EVERYTHING

This book does a fantastic job of teaching simple manners and etiquette principles to young people in a way that is easy to understand. The book focuses on simple things like eating etiquette, how to get in and out of a car properly, setting a table, and serving food. It is the fundamentals of how to act in society with others. It is a great starting place to teach your kids at a young age. 

I highly recommend this as a starting place to teach young people about manners and etiquette. You can pick up a copy of the book from Amazon.com here: White Gloves and Party Manners

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