Writing a thank you when they gave no gift

Writing a thank you when they gave no gift

by Kristie
(New York, NY)

I have 3 couples who are wealthy, attended my wedding, and did not give a gift. What should I write in the thank you?

How about:

Thanks for coming, and if you gave me a gift, I don't know about it.

Sep 19, 2011
Thank You Card
by: Wendy (Modern Manners and Etiquette)

Thank you for your question! Congratulations on your recent wedding!!

It is good that you would like to send a 'Thank You' card to people who attended your wedding. Your best wording in this situation would be something like this:

Thank you for sharing in our wonderful day! We appreciate the time and efforts you made to join us as we started our new life together.

It is not good manners to mention that you did not receive a gift from them in a 'Thank You' card. As you did not mention a specific gift in the card, they will notice if they did indeed give you something and it was not listed. It is better to let them contact you or your parents (whomever the relationship is with) to find out if the gift was misplaced.

I hope this helps! Best wishes on your new journey with your husband!

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